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Bank Reconciliation<br />
EzyRecon is a bank reconciliation program written in Microsoft VBA using the Microsoft Excel® as its user interface. Since the interface is in Microsoft Excel, users can quickly check and modify the result, (i.e. two column AICPA bank reconciliation format), if needed. Not even Microsoft Great Plains® Bank Reconciliation program comes close to it . See how we compare against others (see comparison chart).

Behind the program buttons are complex visual basic programs doing the calculation of outstanding checks, deposit-in-transit and uncleared others.

The resulting reconciliation is a two column bank reconciliation from unadjusted book and bank balances to adjusted book and bank balances.

The system works like this, you download the book and bank file in a csv or MS Excel format, then you tell the computer to do the bank reconciliation. It is a simple 3 step reconciliation process.

EzyRecon. Inc.
4025 Oakwood Ave, Suite 3,
Los Angeles, CA 90004
Tel. 323-596-5601
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