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1 year Subsription
Bank Reconciliation
This is for a 1 year subscription of Ezyrecon bank reconciliation. We will send you the Ezyrecon program to install on your own desktop or laptop. Since, it is an Excel file, you can install it on your own destop or laptop. After 1 year the system will expire and you have to renew.
599.00 $
Addtional acount
Category 2
Additional account is billed at US $50.00 per account- the first 2 acounts is $599.00
25.00 $

This is subscription-based software. We will send you a  copy of the Ezyrecon bank reconciliation software for you to use for a year. The cost over a year of subscription is $599.00. If for any reason, you don't feel like using it, you don't need to renew your subscription. The minimum subscription is US $300, for a six-month period. In January of each year, if you want to renew, you will pay the US $599.00, annual fee. You can subscribe from one year to four years. The rate goes down as you subscribe for more years.

The standard subscription is US $599.00 for two bank accounts. Additional bank accounts will cost an extra  US $50.00 per account. So, if you have  four (4) accounts to reconcile,  the yearly cost to you  is  US $699.00,  $599.00 (i.e., good for two accounts) + $100 (two additional accounts @$50). The per annum subscription includes upgrade and maintenance, if any.  The cost of the initial installation  and implementation fee is free

To subscribe click the first button for the cost of $599.00 for a year. To add additional account, click the button 2nd PayPal button for the cost at $50 per account.

Payment for:
1 year option
2 year option
$50 per additional account, on top of 2 accounts.
3 year option
4 year option
$50 per additional account, on top of 2 accounts.
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